• Makerbot 3D Printers and Accessories

    Imagine the possiblities

    Makerbot 3D Printers and filament, available at ProtoCentral

  • Grove Starter Kit for IoT - Intel Edison and Galileo

    Grove Starter Kit - Intel IoT

    All that is required to get started with Intel IoT

  • Pulse Oximeter Shield

    Pulse Oximeter Shield

    Make your Arduino capable of measuring SpO2, heartrate and PPG

  • Now with 13 experiments


    The easiest and most fun way to get started with Arduino, now with more experiments !

  • Raspberry Pi B+ Starter Kits

    Raspberry Pi B+ Starter Kits

    Basic or Embedded. Save more on Raspberry Pi B+ essentials

  • ProtoCentral now ships worldwide with UPS

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