List of products by brand Turnigy

As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”. This has never been more true than examining the roots of Turnigys inception. Born in the early 2000s, Turnigy was a brand working hard to forge an identity. In these formative years Turnigy produced excellent electrics and class leading systems that powered RC products. This production was at a very low price point made so by the slick supply chain employed by Turnigys founders.

From then until now the RC industry has experienced a renaissance in  Electric power. Electric power has come to the fore and blown away it’s nitro opposition. Batteries have become less expensive, safer and easier to use. Motors have become increasingly efficient and better suited to models, and speed controllers have become plug and play alternatives to their predecessors whom were clunky, hard to program monsters that required an electronics degree to make work.

Turnigy happened to be in the right place at the write time and capitalized (and in some cases pioneered) these changes in technology. From then until now Turnigy continues to make the best power systems and batteries suited to modelers needs. With a large and diverse offering designed to cater to all modelers, Turnigy continues to grow from strength to strength.

Our batteries are used in more models than any other brand. Our motors rated to the industries highest standards. Simply put our products are class leading in all aspects from price to quality and everything in between.