List of products by brand Makerbeam

MakerBeam supplies elements and modules which make complex machine building easier and more effective. MakerBeam adopted T-slot technology to make the Mini-T. T-slot is a popular technology widely used for industrial automation, robotics and machine enclosures. The compatible standard components simplify complex machine building and give you enormous flexibility. Our beams are made of aluminum. Making it the smallest and strongest T-slot system that is compatible with standard components.

MakerBeam B.V. specializes in sales and production of small aluminum profiles and related hardware. We focus on the sale of beams with a diameter under 20mm.

MakerBeam, OpenBeam and PCBgrip can be bought in this shop. Our webshop offers all available elements and some accessories. We also have resellers in different countries. For a reseller near you check our country list.