COVID-19 Situation Update

Our response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID -19) situation

Last updated: 12 May 2020

UPDATE ON 12-May-2020: As of today, we are shipping orders to limited locations and postal codes. Orders outside of India will be serviced by DHL Worldwide and orders within India will be delivered whatever service is currently delivering to your postal code. Delivery times maybe longer than usual. For international orders, please check if DHL has service to your country and your postal code. Any backorders will be accepted and shipped when available.

Our entire team is working hard to manage the ongoing Novel Coronavirus pandemic crisis and we are working closely with our courier partners to fulfil back orders and future new orders. We are following the situation as it evolves and adjusting shipping constraints accordingly for delivering domestic and international shipments. Under the circumstances, there is currently a longer than usual lead-time of both in-stock as well as out-of-stock items. Since all incoming shipments to India are also affected, production times are longer than usual.

We appreciate your understanding during this time of this unprecedented uncertainty globally. Our focus is to minimise risk for our team, the country and the world. To this effect, we have enforced all precautionary measures.

If you are working on a COVID-19 related project that could be of importance, please let us know and we will work you to explore ways in which we could possibly facilitate delivery. If you are a government or health agency, we might be able to help you out if you provide the right documentation, please contact us.

Please send your enquiries to or call us at +91-99166-37700 or WhatsApp on +91-80-4152-7072 (WhatsApp only) if you need help about your orders.

We will keep you posted on any change in the situation in India regularly. We look forward to serving you soon.

Stay safe!