About us

About ProtoCentral


What is ProtoCentral?

Have you got an electronics project in mind? Protocentral can help by providing the required components to quickly get your project off the ground. Whether your project is in advanced medical devices or in building the next generation dog feeder, Protocentral has you covered. 

Who are we?

Protocentral is the open-source hardware and e-commerce division of Circuitects Electronic Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a well known solution provider in the areas of biomedical instrumentation and defence electronics development. 

Why buy from Protocentral?

  • Top quality genuine products only (if you're looking for very cheap components that last for a little over 24 hours, you're in the wrong place :) )
  • Technical customer support
  • Documentation and examples to get your started right away

Open Source Hardware 

What is Open Source hardware?

The definition of Open Source Hardware according to the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) www.oshwa.org is:

"Open source hardware is hardware whose design is made publicly available so that anyone can study, modify, distribute, make, and sell the design or hardware based on that design. The hardware’s source, the design from which it is made, is available in the preferred format for making modifications to it."

ProtoCentral and Open Source Hardware

At Protocentral, we are strongly committed to the development of open source hardware. Most of our products are open source and any one is free to re-use them for their own projects. We are also working towards open-sourcing more hardware, especially for the medical and biotech domain. ProtoCentral's CEO Ashwin Whitchurch talks about how OSHW has allowed us to accomplish bigger things: