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Media Center IR Remote Control for Raspberry Pi B/B+


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Media Center IR Remote Control for Raspberry Pi B/B+ is a remote control device used for the Home media center.

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Looking to make your own home media center using your Raspberry Pi?

This IR remote control long with GPIO-based IR receiver plugs into a Raspberry Pi B or B+ and allows you to control all standard RaspBMC media functions.


  • Handheld, high quality IR remote controller
  • GPIO TSOP IR receiver
  • Includes: 
    • Handheld IR remote control
    • GPIO IR Receiver
    • CR2032/CR2025 coin battery for remote control

Tutorial: How to install the IR remote control on the Raspberry Pi

1. Plug the TSOP based IR receiver into the Raspberry Pi B/B+'s GPIO pin header.

2. Now its time to let the Raspberry Pi know that the IR reciever is plugged in. Go to the "Programs" tab in the RaspBMC main menu as shown below. Click on the "RaspBMC Settings" to open the settings page.

3. Click on the "IR Remote" tab to access the remote controller settings.

4. Select the "Enable GPIO TSOP IR receiver" option to enable the remote option.

5. Under GPIO IR Remote profile, select "MCE RC6 Remote" as the type of remote.

6. Click OK to save all settings. At this point, RaspBMC would prompt you to restart the system to apply the new settings.

7. Once you retsart the system, your media center remote control should be ready to use.