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ARDX Maker's Kit for Arduino - v2


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 ARDX Maker's kit for Arduino from ProtoCentral is the gateway to studying Electronics in an interesting approach.

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New: This it the version 2 of the Maker's kit for Arduino, includes 2 new exepriments !

Learn electronics the fun and easy way with this kit from ProtoCentral. No prior electronics experience is required to get started with using the Arduino for your own projects.

Developed in association with Oomlout, this kit includes an Arduino Uno R3 and everything required to get started out of the box. The manual has been licensed from the popular ARDX kit from Oomlout.

Note: Support for this kit is provided directly Oomlout. For any support queries, please write to


  • No prior electronics experience necessary
  • Easy-to-follow full colour manual with step-by-step instructions
  • The box contains everything to get started
  • Includes an Arduino Uno R3
  • 13 basic electronics circuits


Experiments included in the guide:

  • Getting Started - (Blinking LED)
  • LED Fun - (Multiple LEDs)
  • Spin Motor Spin - (Transistor and Motor)
  • A Single Servo - (Servos)
  • 8 More LEDs - (74HC595 Shift Register)
  • Music - (Piezo Elements)
  • Button Pressing - (Pushbuttons)
  • Twisting - (Potentiometers)
  • Light - (Photo Resistors)
  • Temperature - (TMP36 Temperature Sensor) 
  • Larger Loads - (Relays)
  • Colorful Light - (RGB LED)
  • Squeezing - (Force Sensitive Resistor)