Fabric Button Pad - 5 Buttons


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Fabric Button Pad can be used on your fabric to change the controls with 5 buttons

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Have you ever been listening to music on your MP3 player and a song you don't want to listen to comes on but you don't want to reach into your bag to change the track? The 5 Button Fabric Button Pad, from Sensing Tex, is a great way to incorporate a basic media UI into your clothing, furniture, or European Carry-All.

Included with the 5 Button Fabric Button Pad is a 6-pin header for the flat connector and a paper cheat sheet in the shape of the button pad designating where the 5 sensor elements are located and what each pin on the flat connector corresponds to. The button pad does come blank enabling you to label each sensor element as you see fit.


  • Button pad
  • 6-pin male header
  • Paper template